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Privately Educated Graduates Earn More

2nd September 2015 Research released by The Sutton Trust in August 2015 found that the salaries received by university graduates who were educated at private schools increase more quickly than university graduates who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The key findings of the report include: Graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely than their more advantaged… Read More ›

Tackling Barriers in Recruitment

4th August 2015 It was reported yesterday, 3rd August 2015, that leading accountancy firm Ernst and Young are going to remove all academic and education details from its trainee recruitment process in an attempt to breakdown the barriers for graduates applying for a trainee position. Although, in May 2015, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) announced it would no… Read More ›

Skills Gap Amongst Young Britons

The OECD’s 2015 Skills Outlook report was published yesterday (27th May).  The OECD’s Skills Outlook reports on the acquisition of skills amongst young people in OECD countries and comments upon the transition of those young people into employment and their impact upon the national economy.  A summary and the full report can both be accessed… Read More ›

Economic costs of underachievement at school

Last week the Guardian published an article identifying the economic costs of current underachievement in school.  The research, based on work undertaken by the OECD, found that the UK economy could be boosted by ‘billions of pounds a year’ if underachievement amongst youngsters at schools was reduced. The Guardian reported that 20% of pupils in… Read More ›

Ed Miliband promises to limit class sizes to 30 pupils

12th February 2015 At a speech at Haverstock School in Camden, Ed Miliband is expected to announce plans to cap infant school class sizes at a maximum of 30 pupils in state schools, should Labour form the next government. There are 60,000 more infant school children being taught in classes of more than 30 pupils,… Read More ›

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At Bridge Builders Mentoring, we believe that the gap between young men from poor socio-economic backgrounds and their full potential is never too large to overcome. Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme provides young men the opportunity to gain additional support and guidance from adult mentors from professional backgrounds, who are experienced in life and work. Together, they can define, explore and overcome the problems that are so often associated with a low economic background.

The Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme is a charity providing low cost services for young men. Any donations are greatly needed and appreciated. We rely on the support of our corporate sponsors and generous individuals to keep our work running and enable us to change the lives of young men throughout the UK.