Our Mission

At Bridge Builders Mentoring, we believe that the gap between young men from poor socio-economic backgrounds and their full potential is never too large to overcome. Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme provides young men the opportunity to gain additional support and guidance from adult mentors from professional backgrounds, who are experienced in life and work. Together, they can define, explore and overcome the problems that are so often associated with a low economic background.

The Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme is a charity providing low cost services for young men. Any donations are greatly needed and appreciated. We rely on the support of our corporate sponsors and generous individuals to keep our work running and enable us to change the lives of young men throughout the UK.


Mentoring is a widely recognised training and development tool for people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Traditionally, mentoring is defined as the long-term passing on of support, guidance and advice; a relationship in which a more experienced person uses their greater knowledge and understanding to support the development of a less experienced person.