Top 10 Killer Facts on Social Mobility by the Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust is a think-tank which aims to improve social mobility through education, and has so far invested over £40 million in its projects and papers along with its partners. Here is a list of 10 “Killer Facts” on Social Mobility compiled by a Sutton Trust blogger. They are facts and stats that have stood the test of time and are useful for all organisations who strive to improve social mobility.

1. The UK has lower social mobility than other advanced countries – you are less likely to climb the social ladder here

2. Children in the poorest 1/5 of families are nearly a year behind children from middle income families when they start school age 5

3. The brightest 22 month olds from a working class background are outscored in tests by the lowest scoring children of professional parents by around 7 years of age

4. The Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit has been read by over 1/3 of all school heads

5. The proportion of pupils on Free School Meals in the country’s top performing schools is only 7.6% – half the average of other schools in their area and across the nation

6. 3,000 state educated pupils who achieved top A Level grades to get them into the most prestigious universities never go, for a variety of reasons

7. 4 private schools and 1 elite college sent more students to Oxbridge over 3 years than 2,000 schools and colleges across the UK

8. State school pupils are more likely to get a 2:1 or a 1st at university than private school counterparts with the same A Levels

9. Every English Prime Minister since the war who went to university (except Gordon Brown) was educated at Oxford

10. Failing to improve low levels of social mobility will cost the UK economy up to £140 billion a year by 2050

To find out more information on these facts and there sources, visit the Sutton Trust blog.

Helen Robinson