A Glowing Report from Archway School

A successful and enriching day was had by all at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car in Cardiff, as is described by Archway School’s recent news piece.

“Jay Powell was very brave and put himself forward in a role play with some of the mentors on how to handle tricky, difficult customers and their complaints.  The mentors were very impressed with how Jay did and said that he performed better than some of their graduates who start their training scheme.  Callum Hodgson also did a role play with the HR and Acquisitions manager in an interview practice; again, the mentors and other Enterprise staff were impressed with how Callum interviewed and said that he came across as confident and self-assured.”

Positive experiences like this are what Bridge Builders Mentoring is all about. After months of mentoring, these students were given a fantastic opportunity to show how much they have learned from their mentors, and show extremely encouraging signs for their future.

Please get in contact if you think your students would benefit from the experiences and opportunities that a partnership with Bridge Builders Mentoring can facilitate. We look forward to joining forces with you.

Helen Robinson