Latest report from the Social Mobility Commission

The 2016 annual report from the Social Mobility Commission reveals that social mobility for the current generation of young people is getting worse.

Four key barriers to social mobility are identified:

  1. an unfair education system
  2. a two-tier labour market
  3. an imbalanced economy
  4. an unaffordable housing market.

The Commission warns that change will take time and there are no easy fixes. They propose an ambitious programme of change one of which focuses on improvement attainment in schools for the poorest children – those eligible for free school meals. Just 5% of these children gain five A GCSE grades.

Bridge Builders Mentoring works specifically with young males eligible for free school meals. The mentoring programme offers a unique opportunity for boys to have contact with adult professionals, one-to-one, to learn from their experiences and identify how they can move forward positively and achieve their full potential.

Please contact us today to find out more about the Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme.

Please click here to see the full Social Mobility Commission 2016 Annual Report.

Helen Robinson