Students Paying £500 for Work Experience

The careers advice charity MyBigCareer have criticised the Chartwell Trust, which runs a private hospital in Essex, for charging students for work experience at the hospital to aid their applications to study medicine at university.

The Chartwell Trust have defended their decision by saying that the work experience provides a “remarkable opportunity” to gain an “in-depth insight” into working within medicine. They claim the cost covers administrative fees and the cost of coaching young people whilst they undertake work experience.

MyBigCareer claim that selling work experience limits social mobility and excludes young people from less well off backgrounds.  Such students are already disadvantaged by being less likely to have personal contacts within healthcare who they can connect with for work experience placements. Charging for work experience undermines the work that charities like Bridge Builders or MyBigCareer are doing to enhance the social mobility and employability of those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Worryingly, according to the Medical Schools Council, over 50% of UK secondary schools or colleges had not had a single student who had applied to medicine over recent years.

The full story is available on the BBC website here.

Helen Robinson