Deloitte Change Application Process to Enhance Social Mobility

Deloitte has announced that they will “hide” the university attended by their applicants during the application process in the hope of preventing “unconscious bias” amongst recruiters during the selection process.

Deloitte will also use a new algorithm during the application process which takes into account contextual information alongside academic grades.  For example, a student getting 3 B grades at A level could be regarded as outstanding if the average for their school is D grades.

Deloitte hope that this approach to the application process will allow them to recruit applicants with the most talent and potential, as well as contributing to improved social mobility in the UK.

Deloitte joins Ernst and Young as well as PricewaterhouseCoopers as firms who are also beginning to omit academic details from their selection processes.

This is especially exciting for Bridge Builders as our recent report (Breakthrough: A Report on Creating a Better Path for Boys from Disadvantaged Backgrounds) we recommended that when hiring, large companies should hide educational qualifications in their candidate selection process and base their decision on other forms of assessment in the recruitment process in order to help those who have a lot of potential but are from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve success in the application process.  A copy of Bridge Builders’ report is available here.

Helen Robinson