Success at a North London School

Bridge Builders Mentoring are pleased to announce recent evidence of their impact working with year 11 pupils at a London-based school.  It was found that, between January and May 2015, young men engaged with the Bridge Builders’ mentoring programme improved their grades by an average of almost ¾ of a grade across all of their subjects.  This represents a 67% higher than average gain across all year 11 students at this particular school over the same period.

A third of the students increased their performance by more than a grade across their subjects.

The study, undertaken by the senior management team at the school, also found that attendance amongst Bridge Builders mentees increased by 0.5% since the Bridge Builders programme began in January 2015.  This compares to an average increase of 0.2% for all year 11 pupils at the school and to an increase of 0.01% for a low attaining control group of year 11 pupils at the school.

Bridge Builders are hugely proud of the success that the mentors and mentees have had at this particular school in improving the social mobility and employability of young men from deprived socio-economic backgrounds through mentoring.

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Helen Robinson