The Sutton Trust’s Social Mobility Index

Research published by the Sutton Trust in mid-April 2015 identifies a crucial geographical disparity in the life chances of disadvantaged young people.  They found that children from deprived socio-economic backgrounds who grow up in London or the South East are more likely to succeed in life than those born elsewhere in England.

The Sutton Trust ranked each parliamentary constituency according to five measures of social mobility which considered academic achievement of pupils at all school stages, and the progress of disadvantaged young people into university and professional occupations.  These findings have formed a new Social Mobility Index (please see here for the Sutton Trust’s work on social mobility).  The Sutton Trust found that 30 of the 50 constituencies which had greatest social mobility could be found in London.  Even though Westminster North is the fourth most deprived area in England, it is identified by The Sutton Trust as being the most socially mobile.  The 10 constituencies with the lowest levels of social mobility were all found to be in the Midlands or the North of England.  The lowest ranking constituency was found to be South Derbyshire.

Staggeringly the report also found that a child from a disadvantaged socio-economic background in Bethnal Green and Bow (East London) is four times more likely to achieve 5 or more A*-C grades at GCSE than a young person from a similar background living in Barnsley Central.

Bridge Builders Mentoring is currently working nationally to help improve the social mobility of disadvantaged young people in every part of England.

To read the Sutton Trust’s social mobility press release in more detail then please follow this link.

Helen Robinson