CIPD Survey indicates higher employer engagement in schools

The latest research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has some positive news for young jobseekers. Youth unemployment (16-24 year olds) is still much higher than the average UK unemployment rate, but the CIPD Employee Outlook Survey: Spring 2014 gives evidence that attitudes towards young people are starting to change.

40% of employers now offer work experience and over 1/3 have increased their work experience provision in the last year. Work experience is crucial in the highly competitive job market, and since the mandatory key stage 4 work experience block was removed in 2011, is something many school leavers have been lacking. The fact that more employers are open to work experience students is encouraging.

In addition to an increase in work experience opportunities, employers are also mentoring young jobseekers and engaging with local schools. One example of this is through the Bridge Builders Mentoring scheme. We partner with large organisations such as Enterprise Rent a Car to provide school-based mentoring, work experience opportunities and skills workshops. Investment in the future workforce is something that is very important to the organisations we work with.

The CIPD is pleased that employers are getting more involved with young people but advises that there is still a lot more that they, and the government, could do.

Helen Robinson