Ed Miliband promises to limit class sizes to 30 pupils

At a speech at Haverstock School in Camden, Ed Miliband is expected to announce plans to cap infant school class sizes at a maximum of 30 pupils in state schools, should Labour form the next government.

There are 60,000 more infant school children being taught in classes of more than 30 pupils, than there was in 2010, which, Mr Miliband argues, is detrimental to both their education and future life chances.  He is expected to promise to restrict class sizes in order to ensure that education will be “a passport to a good life” and equip young people for the challenges of the modern economy.  According to Mr Miliband, the rationale for implementing a restriction of class sizes is to improve classroom behaviour and teaching by allowing pupils to spend better quality time with their teachers and with others in their class.  It is hoped that restricted class sizes will allow teachers to form more supportive relationships with individual pupils.  For more information, please see here (BBC News) and here (Guardian website).

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Helen Robinson