Teachers to help children develop character and resilience

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt was a keynote speaker at The Character Conference in London this week.

The Labour MP wants “all schools to see instilling character among their pupils as part of their educational ethos”

Mr Hunt acknowledges that improving numeracy, literacy and GCSE results is important but wants to see youngsters being equipped with life skills which are essential in the workplace.  He believes that “the teaching of resilience and self-control and character is more and more important to develop, not only in terms of academic attainment but also in terms of the outcomes you need to improve your life chances and employability.”

A £5m Character Innovation Fund was announced in September to provide schools with the support and tools required to develop well rounded pupils. The fund is intended to enable children to experience character and resilience developing activities in and beyond the classroom such as sport, music, debating and theatre productions.  Mr Hunt wants the result to be school leavers using character and resilience, instilled and developed in school, to help them compete successfully for university places, jobs and apprenticeships amongst increased global competition.

Mr Hunt conceded to The Independent earlier in the year that attributes such as character, resilience and attentiveness are “often looked down on as soft skills” but maintains that they are actually “very hard edged skills that young people need to gain”.  He believes “there are interventions you can make to teacher training and interventions you can make to schools to build children’s character to promote children’s well-being.”

The Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme understands that qualifications and training are not all that employers are looking for. Employers want values – the core traits that come together to make up an individual’s attitude to their work.

Bridge Builders continues to work in partnership with schools offering skills workshops on:

  • Character and resilience
  • Social etiquette
  • Anger management
  • Employability skills
  • Managing violence and aggression

These skills workshops, delivered by experienced, highly engaging trainers are designed to help young men explore key issues in a non-threatening environment and develop skills they can use in their daily lives.

For further information on skills workshops and other programmes delivered by Bridge Builders contact us on 0333 200 4703.

Helen Robinson