Careers Advice in Schools Criticised Again

Worries about the quality of careers advice available in schools resurfaced this weekwhen Michele Sutton, president of the Association of Colleges described it as “nothing less than appalling”.

Responsibility for careers guidance has been left with schools, and with work experience no longer compulsory, there are repeated concerns that young people are not receiving the relevant, impartial information they need to make informed decisions about their futures. The problem is particularly pertinent for youngsters from low income backgrounds, whose parents often do not have the knowledge to advise their children or the contacts to help them progress. Once again, social mobility is being blocked by a lack of good advice.

In September, an Ofsted report labelled 75% of schools visited as providing inadequate guidance about further education, vocational training, and other opportunities. The CBI has also described careers advice as being on “life support” in many schools.

Face to face advice has been highlighted as vitally important, rather than delegating the task to websites or phone lines. Children need dedicated, impartial and structured advice.

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Helen Robinson