Mentoring Increases University Applications for Under-Privileged

A new study published by the University of Bristol has found that just one session of appropriately timed mentoring can have a significant, positive effect on the likelihood of pupils from disadvantaged areas to apply to university.

In the study, groups of 16-18 year olds were delivered a series of short presentations by mentors who were at university. The talks concerned university life and inspired students who were not previously considering university to have a rethink – after just that one morning pupils were 19% more likely to apply.

The study’s lead author, Michael Sanders, said: “student mentoring programmes, such as the one trialled in this paper need not necessarily be primarily concerned with increasing academic attainment, but rather aspiration and understanding by poorer students that ‘people like me’ can attend excellent academic institutions”.

The mentors provided by the Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme are locally based and many share the similar backgrounds as to the young men we help but have pushed through to get to university and embark on a high-flying career path. Contact us today to see how our mentors can inspire your boys.

Helen Robinson