Careers advice failing in schools, says Ofsted

75% of schools are not delivering adequate careers advice, according to the latest Ofsted report. Schools have been responsible for their own careers information programme since 2012, and this new report highlights that most schools lack to skills to provide relevant, accurate careers guidance.

The Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock, was explicit in highlighting the importance of getting employers involved with schools and colleges. He told the BBC:

“People with fulfilling careers are the ones who can really show young people what it is like to succeed in the world of work.”

At the Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme we agree. Our mentors are experienced businessmen who work for large corporate organisations and really know what it is like out there in the world of work. In a mentoring partnership with young males, our mentors can use this experience and knowledge to inspire and support the development of their mentees. Contact us today to find out how mentoring in schoolscan really work to bridge the gap between a poor socio-economic background and the full potential of every boy.

Helen Robinson