Archway visit to Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Bristol

As we are reaching the end of the academic year, Bridge Builders mentors and mentees are keen to celebrate their success and the progress that all of our mentees have made over the course of the mentoring programme.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car mentors invited their mentees from Archway School, Stroud, to visit them at the Enterprise offices in Bristol.  The morning was spent assessing whether different cars were ready to hire out again to members of the public.  This activity encouraged the boys to think about customer safety, customer relations and the importance of maintaining a positive brand image.  The boys were able to explore the different cars and vans along with their mentors, and were able to get a taste for what it may be like to work at Enterprise.

After lunch, the Enterprise mentors took their mentees go-karting as a way to celebrate the progress that their mentees have made over the course of the academic year.  A fantastic time was had by all!

Helen Robinson