Work Experience Trip to Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Cardiff

On the morning of Thursday 26th February 2015 nine of Bridge Builder’s mentees were collected in a minibus from Archway School, Stroud and taken for a day trip to visit Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Regional Headquarters in Cardiff.

Once we arrived at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car offices, we were met by the boys’ mentors (who stayed with us throughout the day) and other members of staff.  The morning began with icebreaker games and a fun team quiz about Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Throughout the morning Enterprise staff from a range of different departments spoke to the boys about what working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car was like, and how some of the struggles faced by employees were often similar to those faced by young people at school.  Staff from the car sales department, for example, spoke about how it was sometimes hard to stay motivated if you were having a bad day or bad week, which was related back to how the mentees might try to stay motivated if they’re having a hard time at school.  The experience of being able to talk to successful business people enthused the mentees about working life and gave them a good understanding of the importance of working hard and of some of the skills required to succeed.

After lunch the mentees had the opportunity to meet representatives from the HR Department and consider some of the skills required to be successful in the world of work.  The boys were able to spend time reflecting on skills that they may have already required through playing sports or through working with others at school.  They also had time to practice doing interview role plays with staff from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Just before we left to return to Stroud, the boys had the opportunity to talk to the mechanical team and take a closer look at the cars.

As we left the Cardiff office, a number of the boys commented on how much they had enjoyed the trip and about how much they had learnt from the day.  All of the feedback was very positive.  The trip made the mentees more aware of the demands and benefits of the world of work, enabled them to form closer relationships with their mentors, equipped them with practical interview and CV-writing skills, and gave them a greater awareness of the range of employment opportunities that may be available to them.

The mentors will next meet with their mentees in early March to discuss the work placement day further.

Helen Robinson