Harsh Criticism for Prison Education

The standards of education and training in prisons have been severely criticised by education watchdog Ofsted at their annual lecture. This year’s lecture is focussed on reducing the high re-offending rates – 72% in juveniles and 50% in adult prisoners – and education is recognised as a key factor.

If offenders can get into employment on release, this can reduce their likelihood of re-offending by up to 50%. But to break the cycle, education and training are vital components. Prisons can work with employers, education providers and other bodies to help prisoners develop vocational and employability skills.

Read the full story here on the BBC

Young men in youth offender institutes and prisons are one of the Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme’s focus groups. We can provide highly experienced managers from business to share their experiences and guide young males as part of a mentoring scheme. We also provide skills workshops that help with employability, social etiquette and anger management. No matter what their background, we believe helping young men achieve their full potential is not an impossible task.

Helen Robinson