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25th August 2015

‘Breakthrough: A Report on Creating a Better Path for Boys from Disadvantaged Backgrounds’

Today, Bridge Builders Mentoring launched its report examining the underachievement of males in the UK as well as its own recommendations for change. It discusses this issue within the context  of a changing job market which by 2022 will see a huge decrease in ‘blue-collar’ jobs. This is a fact the report predicts will further add to the gap between disadvantaged boys and their peers.

The report puts great emphasis upon the role of parents in light of the recent finding that 80 per cent of a child’s academic success is decided outside of the classroom. To do this, the report recommends the use of incentives. The report suggests that:

  • Parents should practice reading at home with their children where possible. The report outlines a number of schemes and incentives which can be put in place in order to fulfil this recommendations. Most notably it suggests the implementation of a ‘Summer School Reading Scheme’ in which those eligible for the Pupil Premium Allowance can attend school during the summer to develop their reading skills. This is a scheme which would be entirely funded by the Pupil Premium Allowance.
  • Parents should participate with their children in leisure time activities. Attending museums, galleries and even opera can increase the future earning potential of a child. This should be incentivised by the use of vouchers.
  • Parents should have better contact with schools in order to create unity of support and discipline for their child.

The report further recommends the reintroduction of the compulsory work experience placement as part of the school curriculum and suggests providing mentors from the professional world to Pupil Premium entitled students.

Finally, the report looks at the work of Bridge Builders Mentoring scheme. It finds that the use of male professionals to act as mentors, inspirational speakers etc. for young boys from disadvantaged backgrounds works successfully in improving grades, attendance, behaviour and attitude.


Download your copy of the report here

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At Bridge Builders Mentoring, we believe that the gap between young men from poor socio-economic backgrounds and their full potential is never too large to overcome. Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme provides young men the opportunity to gain additional support and guidance from adult mentors from professional backgrounds, who are experienced in life and work. Together, they can define, explore and overcome the problems that are so often associated with a low economic background.

The Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme is a charity providing low cost services for young men. Any donations are greatly needed and appreciated. We rely on the support of our corporate sponsors and generous individuals to keep our work running and enable us to change the lives of young men throughout the UK.
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